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Removal of Data from

by | May 5, 2020 | 0 comments

Open browser to :

Enter: First Name, Last Name, State (dropdown)

Click Submit

You will be presented with a table of records.

Select the first record that represents you.  You may find many records for you on the list that will need to be removed.  We recommend deleting on record per request.  Keep track of which record you delete each time through this process to ensure that your detail is completely removed from the site.

We will then come to an enter email and CAPTCHA screen:

Enter your email address.

Click on the “I am Not a Robot” Captcha. 

Complete the Captcha.

Click Submit.

Then click New Search button and repeat with other records that are listed for you.

For each record you delete, you will receive an email requiring you to confirm your deletion.  Open the email and click on the blue “Click Here”.

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