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Privacy Policy | Free CCPA Agent

privacy policy

Free Privay Agent, LLC.’s goal is to help you regain control of your personal information online, and as such, we do not use tracking to collect any personal information on our website. Our privacy policy reflects this goal.


We’re dedicated to consumer privacy rights and support privacy policies that are understandable. We’re committed to responsibly handling any information we collect. We never sell your data. Period.

If we share your data, it’s only with companies we’ve hired to do work for us to carry out the services you want. They’ll never own it or be able to share it with anyone else. Your data is yours. We do sometimes place online advertisements or pay affiliate partners for subscription sales they generate. These systems may use IP address or order numbers to identity and record these sales. We do not share information beyond what is needed for these transactions, but some of the companies may already be tracking you outside or our control (for instance by clicking on a google search result).

Data Collection.

We do not collect any personal information through our website except for customers when purchasing specific permium services. Even so, this website is not directed at individuals under 13 years of age in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

From time to time we may use session or persistent cookies on this site for session management, configuration for return visits, or to reward sites that provide visitors to us. Session cookies expire when you close your browser. You can set your browser to refuse cookies by following these instructions. We log aggregate information about our site visitors, but our logs do not contain your name, email, or other personally-identifiable information. These logs are automatically generated for our websites and are not powered by online trackers.

Data use.

Many companies profit off their users by selling their info, but we’ll never do that. We only use the data we collect about the way people use our products and our website to build better products. We’ll never share any personal data about your online activity or use it to target you individually. If you choose to sign up for our newsletters or receive emailed updates of our privacy blog, we’ll occasionally send you emails with coupons, announcements, and Free Privacy Agent, LLC news.

Free Privacy Agent, LLC Inc. will only retain user information for a maximum of 6 months after a user has canceled a paid subscription (except for basic information that the transaction occurred), and 6 months for website visitors, except for any payment-related information that we have to retain for fraud purposes.

Data sharing.

A few things that you do may require us to share data. For instance, when you buy one of our products with a your credit card, we have to share that info to process the payment. Some of our other services (like FreeCCPAagent.com) may also require some data sharing to provide the service, such as requesting that third party websites (data brokers and information aggregators) remove or suppress your personal information from their websites. To fulfil your opt-out requests, we may have to identify listings held data brokers, which necessarily requires sharing portions of your data with them.We try to do things ourselves but sometimes need to rely external companies. We can’t control how these third-party data brokers will treat your personal information, although it is only provided to them so they can opt you out of their public databases. We make hard decisions about when to do so, always balancing the privacy risks against the benefits

We may use outside service providers for required FreeCCPAagent.com procedures, including but not limited to processing payments and helping us send mailed opt-outs. Because FreeCCPAagent.com’s removal list depends on the listed websites’ opt-out procedures and business practices and is thus subject to change, the outside service providers we use may also change. Free Privacy Agent, LLC Inc. always maintains ownership and control of your data during these times, and we do not sell your information.

Law enforcement.

We won’t provide your information unless we’re compelled by law with a valid court order, which is a much higher standard than the usual “permitted by law.” Companies don’t have to tell you when someone requests your data, but we will try and inform you so you can be aware and take legal action if you choose.

We won’t share your data unless you are using specific services through us that require it or if we were ever compelled by legal orders, in which cases, we share the minimum data required and don’t allow it to be used for anything beyond the limited service provided.

As of today, Free Privacy Agent, LLC has not received a national security order and we have not been required by a FISA court to keep any secrets.

We will sometimes link to other websites. You should consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party sites. Our privacy policy does not apply to these other websites, and we cannot control their activities.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at legal@freeprivacyagent.com.

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